Farscape – Season 4

The episode list for season four of Farscape.

“Crichton Kicks”

“What Was Lost: Part 1 – Sacrifice”

“What Was Lost: Part 2 – Resurrection”

“Lava’s a Many Splendored Thing”


“Natural Election”

“John Quixote”

“I Shrink Therefore I Am”

“A Prefect Murder”

“Coup by Clam”

“Unrealized Reality”


“Terra Firma”

“Twice Shy”

“Mental as Anything”

“Bringing Home the Beacon”

“A Constellation of Doubt”


“We’re So Screwed: Part 1: Fetal Attraction”

“We’re So Screwed: Part 2: Hot to Katratzi”

“We’re So Screwed: Part 3: La Bomba”

“Bad Timing”

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