Farscape – We’re So Screwed: La Bomba

“We’re So Screwed: La Bomba” is episode twenty one of season four of Farscape.

In the previous episode, “We’re So Screwed: Hot to Katratzi”, it looked like Crichton and the rest were going to escape with Scorpius, except Scorpius stopped them, supposedly to keep them alive. Although it had also been revealed that he had been working as a spy for the Scarran Emperor for years, a spy so secret that even other members of the government didn’t know about him. It seemed unlikely that this would be the true Scorpius, and more likely that Scorpius was playing another complicated game against the Scarran Emperor. Double agent, triple agent, who knows how many levels of agent.

Stark, who was last seen in “The Choice”, is encountered again.

So, now they still have to get off Katratzi.

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