Farscape – A Constellation of Doubt

“A Constellation of Doubt” is episode seventeen of season four of Farscape.

At the end of the previous episode, “Bringing Home the Beacon”, Aeryn had been abducted by the Scarrans, who had left a biomechanoid duplicate in place. They aren’t having any luck finding the place where Aeryn has apparently been taken to, though.

Crichton is watching a documentary based on tapes his nephew took in “Terra Firma”; a documentary that seems more than a little biased against aliens in general, and appears to be deliberately skewing the facts (‘based on a true story’ type of thing, not actually true). The man doing the documentary is picking and choosing to make all aliens look like a threat.

Much of this episode focuses on this documentary, and Crichton watching Aeryn on it (which doesn’t look like brooding at all), until he finally gets a clue as to her location.

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