Farscape – Twice Shy

“Twice Shy” is episode fourteen of season four of Farscape.

Crichton had finally managed to get back to Earth in “Kansas”, which had been his aim up until now, but had then left again in “Terra Firma”, partly to protect the rest of the world until they could get their act together. So, he’s back on the other side of the wormhole again in Tormented Space.

There’s a trading vessel on board Moya, with a pleasure slave on board it. Chiana objects, and they wind up buying the slave in order to set her free. Aeryn is upset with Crichton for taking the drugs to forget her, although she didn’t know why he was taking them. Then most of the crew starts acting oddly.

Elements of this episode kind of remind me of the Red Dwarf episode “Polymorph”.

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