Farscape – Mental as Anything

“Mental as Anything” is episode fifteen of season four of Farscape.

Everyone is leaving to go on two different mission. Crichton and the men are going to a mental arts training camp (recommended by Scorpius – which doesn’t sound promising), who may have information on the creature that attacked Crichton’s family in “Terra Firma”. Aeryn and the women are going to look for a part for Moya on an abandoned planet.

At the training camp D’Argo runs into his wife’s brother, Macton – the man who killed her and framed D’Argo for her murder. The reunion is not a happy one. Big surprise. We finally get some flashbacks of D’Argo’s wife.

D’Argo definitely wants to kill him. Macto claims that D’Argo killed his wife in a fit of Luxan hyperrage.

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