Farscape – Prayer

“Prayer” is episode eighteen of season four of Farscape.

In “Bringing Home the Beacon”, Aeryn was kidnapped by the Scarrans. At the end of the previous episode, “A Constellation of Doubt”, Crichton realised that he had heard of the secret Scarran base she was being taken to – from the alternate Stark in the alternate Moya he had ended up on in “Unrealized Reality”.

Desperate to recover Aeryn, Crichton makes a deal with Scorpius (one of the more interesting villains around, as he isn’t really a villain, just extremely focussed on his goal – even if that focus leads him to do actions that are villainous in nature). In return for Scorpius’s help, Crichton will give him wormholes.

Whilst Crichton and Scorpius try to get information from the alternate Stark, Aeryn is being interrogated.

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