Zoo – Emotional Contagion

“Emotional Contagion” is episode ten of season one of Zoo.

In the previous episode, “Murmuration”, the team lost all their backing when it was discovered that Delavenne was working for Reiden Global – as their head of global security. Although he hadn’t been informed about the Mother Cell. Delavenne was confronted by them but he said he had far more credibility than they did and could discredit anything they said. But is he having doubts now he knows everything? Shaffer’s FBI boss and friend is now after them as well, even though he’s been told that Shaffer was dirty. Telling is only one thing though, especially by people you are after for cop killing. A clue to a potential cure was discovered, but it’s in Zambia and they no longer have the resources that they used to have and are wanted by the FBI – and probably a bunch of other law enforcement agencies as well. Not a good situation.

Now, in dark clothing and masks they are breaking into somewhere at night and stealing some zebras. By the sounds of it there are some others involved too – perhaps animal rights activists – and when an armed security guard appears there is a gunshot.

Then it goes back 20 hours to Boston. They are trying to get to Africa; if they weren’t in a hurry a tramp freighter would do. They can’t risk the person who arranged Jamie’s fake ID either. Mitch shows a picture of a piece of equipment that he needs once they find a leopard. The optometrist who Evan Lee Hartley went to in “This is What it Sounds Like” had one. It’s not something they are probably going to pick up in Africa, so they need to take one with them. They aren’t easy to get either. Jackson says they need to go to Clearwater in Florida, as there is a way to get back to Africa. Abe does not look happy about the idea. Ray is in Clearwater, and just before the gunshot at the beginning the name Ray was mentioned.

In Clearwater, Ray is being beaten up by three people. They are fishermen and Ray has been throwing some of their catch overboard. Last time Abe and Jackson saw him, he nearly got them killed. To fly them to Africa, it will cost them. The cost is helping Ray and some associates free some zebras from the zoo, as he needs the extra manpower.

Ray and his friends are extreme animal rights activists. Mitch is not impressed – he’s encountered that type before and says they don’t know the first thing about animal welfare. Abraham thinks it is a terrible idea and Mitch is not impressed either. But he says they could probably get the piece of equipment they need from the zoo. When it turns out that all five of them are on the television as wanted people, it looks like they have no choice, as now everyone’s identity is out finding them is going to be easier. This is probably where things were at the beginning. Ray’s group’s ideas as to how to get into the zoo is fairly aggressive. There are a number of former Marines, including Ray, in the group. Jackson has a better, less violent idea, using Jamie and Mitch’s talents. Which looks like it’s working. Until it doesn’t. And are any of the animals that they take from the zoo affected by the aberrant behaviour? That would be bad.

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