Helix – The Reaping

“The Reaping” is episode twelve of season one of Helix.

At the end of the previous episode, “Black Rain”, most of the Vectors had been cured, Sarah was getting the same benefits as the 500 who run Ilaria corporation from the spinal fluid she got from Julia, and Ilaria’s assassin, the Scythe, had parachuted in and slaughtered some of the cured scientists. The Scythe, despite looking like a teenager, is apparently several hundred years old. He is also Sutton’s son, so he is less than happy that Hatake killed her and removed her head in “Bloodline”. Now the survivors have to outwit a centuries-old killer.

It’s mentioned in passing in this episode that Hatake is over 500 years old. It’s done in such a way that would suggest that the topic has been raised before, but I don’t remember it being done. The fact that the Ilaria Corporation was run by people 500 years old, yes; that Hatake was, no.

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