Helix – Dans L’ombre

“Dans L’ombre” is episode thirteen of season one of Helix and the season finale.

Unlike the rest of the episodes, which have started the day after the previous one, this episode starts on Day 235 before going back to Day 13.

Julia’s mother, who she had believed to be dead, had been revealed to still be alive and had been transported to the base by the Scythe (who isn’t terribly convincing as a ruthless assassin), who had also been captured.

Daniel had sacrificed himself so that Hatake wouldn’t have to choose between him and Julia, and there’s an outbreak of Narvik A on Puerto Rico.

The episode has a cliffhanger ending, but at least the series has been renewed for another season – something that’s always a bit uncertain for series created by the SyFy Channel as they’d rather spend their money making films like Sharknado. The story continues in season two and “San Jose”.

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