Zoo – Murmuration

“Murmuration” is episode nine of season one of Zoo.

At the end of the previous episode, “The Cheese Stands Alone”, Mitch was meeting with the executive at Reiden Global he had been speaking to about the Mother Cell. Mitch had the Mother Cell with him and was going to get the cure for his daughter, Clementine, in exchange. The meeting was taking place at Reiden and, through a window, Mitch saw Delavenne in another room. And Delavenne saw Mitch. Delavenne had earlier told Chloe that he was staying in Paris. Which would seem to be a lie. So, why is Delavenne at Reiden? Does he work for them? Or is it something else? Additionally, another man – after being on a runaway horse drawn carriage in New York – got a call about Agent Shaffer, the man Jamie killed in “This is What it Sounds Like”. So just what was Shaffer?

The episode opens just as Mitch was receiving the treatment, and as he spots Delavenne. As a result, Mitch tries running away with the Mother Cell and the drug, but the door is locked., So he smashes the glass. Both the executive and Delavenne set off in pursuit – it seems that Delavenne is someone important in Reiden. And that the other executive knew about Delavenne team. Which means that the team looking into Reiden Global was set up by Reiden Global.

In New York, Shaffer’s associate has identified Jamie. Both appear to work for the FBI, but Shaffer was not doing official FBI work. It looks like Shaffer at the very least may be doing something else as well as their official job, and Jamie leads to Chloe, tying them both to the death of Shaffer. The rest will follow.

In Boston, Mitch is explaining what he did – and that he still has the Mother Cell. Mitch says that they should be focussing on Delavenne instead. Which does lead to the question as to what Reiden is actually up to. Mitch does have a theory as to how to create a cure that will reverse the changes, but they need a mutated animal that hasn’t been exposed to the Mother Cell. Which will be difficult. They also have a problem – the FBI is after them and Delavenne can no longer be trusted. So they have no resources. Jackson says that they need to get story out, and not just through Jamie’s blog. So she contacts a colleague. Mitch still has to get the cure to his daughter, and that’s a pretty obvious place for Reiden to look.

Delavenne, it seems, is head of Reiden’s global security, and he created the team to protect the company. He did not know about the Mother Cell though. Delavenne also gets a surprise when he gets home.

In Boston also, birds of many different species are making a strange noise. This could really go to The Birds.

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