Eureka – Omega Girls

“Omega Girls” is episode fifteen of season four of Eureka.

In the previous episode, “Up in the Air”, it was revealed that Beverley Barlowe was actually controlling Allison using the devices implanted in the latter during “Reprise”. This is becoming important, as today Allison is stepping in as the temporary head of Global Dynamics whilst Fargo steps down to continue the application for the Titan mission.

Carter is suspicious of Allison, though, and he enlists Henry and Zane to help him out. Unfortunately, just as they find out what’s happening. Allison/Beverley sends the entire town to sleep – with the exception of Zoe, who is coming in on a sudden visit, and Jo, who was picking her up. Zoe isn’t that happy with Jo, as Jo is seeing Zane, who Zoe was considering to be her boyfriend – she, of course, doesn’t know that prior to the events of “Founder’s Day” and the alteration to the timeline, the Zane who existed prior to the change had asked Jo to marry him.

They are the only people left in town who can stop Beverley’s plans.

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