Eureka – Up in the Air

“Up in the Air” is episode fourteen of season four of Eureka.

There’s been a bank robbery in Eureka and Carter is all excited about having to deal with a regular crime. Until he discovers that the bank hasn’t been robbed – the bank itself is missing. In fact, it’s floating above Eureka, and it’s shortly joined by a lot of other things in the town, including Carter’s newly upgraded Jeep (yet another Jeep of his to suffer disaster). Not even regular crimes are normal in Eureka.

The applicants for the Titan mission are now going through stage two of their application – which involves physical training at Jo’s hands. Jo, of course, is a former Marine, and her training is fairly vigorous.

Allison starts losing bits of time – which may have something to do with what Beverley implanted in her in “Reprise”.

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