Eureka – Glimpse

“Glimpse” is episode thirteen of season four of Eureka.

In the previous episode, “Reprise”, Allison had been implanted with something by Beverley Barlowe. What the intention is isn’t yet known. Jo and Zane have sort of got a relationship again (after their previous one ended up being written out by the alterations in the timeline).

Fargo and Holly are interviewing candidates for the Titan mission. Fargo has become rather struck on her – even though he basically tried to kill Holly in the previous episode. Admittedly, that wasn’t his fault. Fortunately he failed. Possibly one of the rare times when something going wrong wasn’t his fault. One of the candidates, Dr. Lee, is actually Stan Lee of Marvel fame. Another sees the return of Dr. Parrish.

Jo, and then Carter, are testing out new security contact lenses, which predict security threats before they actually happen. Then the lenses predict the destruction of the town, which means they are dealing with an emergency situation before it actually occurs.

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