Eureka – Reprise

“Reprise” is episode twelve of season four of Eureka.

Allison is heading out of town for a conference so Carter is babysitting. Zane is pressuring Jo because, in the previous episode, “Liftoff”, Fargo had told him about what happened between the two of them in the alternate present from before the events of “Founder’s Day”. Jo is about to move into her house that has been rebuilt following its accidental destruction by Larry’s rocket in “The Story of O2”.

After Fargo’s meeting with a Senate committee at the end of “Liftoff”, someone has been sent to Eureka to look into the faster-than-light system. Fargo is convinced that she is there to destroy him, and his reaction is a little extreme – he uses the FTL drive on her. Then, in order to get Jo’s attention, Zane burns her new house down – also an extreme reaction.

These are only the first. People around the town are behaving in rather odd ways which, naturally, threatens to destroy the place. Again.

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