Eureka – Of Mites and Men

“Of Mites and Men” is episode sixteen of season four of Eureka.

Allison is wanting to return to work, but Senator Michaela Wen (Ming-Na Wey, who also appears in SGU Stargate Universe and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) doesn’t think she has recovered yet from Beverley Barlowe’s control of her in “Omega Girls”.

Jo, Fargo, Holly and Isaac are undergoing testing deep below Global Dynamics for the Titan mission, but Zane gatecrashes the test. Larry, who is running the test, is taking far too much pleasure from it. With Jo being out of commission, Senator Wen recruits Carter to take her place as head of GD security in the meantime.

Then various things made from titanium start disappearing, followed by new titanium creations appearing. The construction mites building the Titan spacecraft have got a little out of control, and are eating GD and making spacecraft parts. Titanium is quite important to the GD facility, and without it there are going to be problems.

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