Eureka – Clash of the Titans

“Clash of the Titans” is episode seventeen of season four of Eureka.

Because of Carter and Allison’s positions, she has had to submit a form regarding their intimate relationship to the Department of Defence, so that said relationship can be approved. Which means that there is an observer following them around all day, making notes.

Theirs isn’t the only relationship in this episode. There is also Jo and Zane’s, Fargo and Holly’s and Henry and Grace’s. Jo is also trying to run Henry and Grace’s wedding for them, and she’s a little out of control.

Tiny, the creepy insectoid robot explorer sent to Titan, returns in this episode. And promptly explodes. There are various gasses present on Titan cropping up all over the place, putting the entire town at risk. Carter and Allison have to sort this out, whilst under constant scrutiny.

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