Dark Angel – Hit a Sista Back

“Hit a Sista Back” is episode twenty of season one of Dark Angel.

Max sees a picture of Tinga, the X5 who had to escape to Canada with Zack in “The Kidz Are Aiight” after Zack accidentally gave away her location, on a milk carton. The picture is a ‘Missing’ one and it seems that Tinga had a child. Which turns out to be a bit unusual.

Max contacts the father and warns him he’s now in danger, but he doesn’t believe her. His son is also showing advanced abilities for his age.

Tinga returns from Canada without Zack, but Lydecker has been alerted and Brin, the X5 who was taken back to Manticore in “Cold Comfort”, has been sent after them.

Logan is trying to fix the exoskeleton he received at the end of the previous episode, “I and I Am a Camera”, but not having family money is making it more difficult.

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