Dark Angel – The Kidz Are Aiight

“The Kidz Are Aiight” is episode fourteen of season one of Dark Angel.

This episode begins with Zack undergoing questioning by Lydecker, who wants to know the location of the other X5s. It appears that Zack didn’t die in the helicopter crash following his capture in “Blah Blah Woof Woof”, which isn’t a surprise. What doesn’t make sense is why the helicopter crashed – that suggested an escape attempt by Zack. If it wasn’t an escape attempt, why the crash?

Zack manages to escape, but given that Lydecker has already tried to trick him into thinking he was being broken out once, is this escape genuine?

In “Rising”, Logan had finally started walking again, thanks to Max’s blood transfusions, but is this a permanent cure? Or will it wear off, as Max’s blood no longer affects him?

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