Dark Angel – Female Trouble

“Female Trouble” is episode fifteen of season one of Dark Angel.

Logan is failing to keep appointments with Max, and he’s also been selling things. He’s being evasive as to what he’s actually doing, so Max decides to follow him.

In the previous episode, “The Kidz Are Aiight”, the cure (Max’s blood) for Logan’s damaged spine was failing, but he hadn’t told Max. He’s seeing a specialist doctor about this, which is why Logan has been selling stuff, in order to pay for the doctor.

When Max visits the doctor, an attempt is made on the latter’s life by an X5 who didn’t escape from Manticore – and, it turns out, the doctor worked at Manticore too. Max is less than thrilled to be helping her, given what happened at Manticore. The attacking X5 is working as a Manticore assassin, what they were originally intended to be.

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