Dark Angel – Haven

“Haven” is episode sixteen of season one of Dark Angel.

Following the events of the previous episode, “Female Trouble”, Logan is now back in his wheelchair, something he’s understandably not too happy about, especially when it makes him feel like he’s depending on Max all the time.

Max is ready to take them on a planned trip, but Logan is more interested in investigating an old crime committed by the police, back when the Pulse happened – but he can’t get passes out of the city to speak to the person he needs to. When he finds that Max has a pair, he agrees to the trip, because then he’ll be able to investigate, and he changes their destination.

At the small town, they get involved in something related to an attack that happened on a local family when the Pulse happened, and Max is having problems with her seizures. The latter problem shows Logan that he can help Max, too, when she needs it, despite being back in his wheelchair.

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