Dark Angel – Meow

“Meow” is episode twenty one of season one of Dark Angel.

It’s nearly a year since Logan and Max first met, and Logan plans to celebrate it. First, he wants Max to steal a microchip for him to fix the exoskeleton he got in “I and I Am a Camera”, although he doesn’t tell her why he needs the microchip.

Max is having problems, though. She’s in heat again and all men are once again looking very attractive, and she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to control herself if she’s alone in a car with Logan.

Lydecker is beginning to distrust his superior, Dr. Elizabeth Renfro (played by Nana Visitor, possibly best known for playing Kira in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), and with good reason. In the previous epsiode, Hit a Sista Back, Renfro had Tinga taken to an unknown facility.

In addition, the South Africans are back and they tell Lydecker they can help him track Max, using the implant she used in “Rising”.

The story continues in the season finale, “…and Jesus Brought a Casserole”.

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