Dark Angel – …and Jesus Brought a Casserole

“…and Jesus Brought a Casserole” is episode twenty two of season one of Dark Angel and the season finale.

At the end of the previous episode, “Meow”, Max had found Tinga, the other X5. Only she was dead. Lydecker and his men had just appeared on the scene too.

Max tries to attack Lydecker, but is captured. She naturally assumes that Lydecker is responsible for Tinga’s death. He isn’t, though; it’s his superior, Dr. Renfro, who is also seizing control of Manticore.

Lydecker would rather see Manticore destroyed than under Renfro’s control, so he asks for the help of several of the escaped X5s in doing so.

Not exactly a cliffhanger ending, but sort of. The next season builds on this, in a rather different way.

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