Andromeda – The Past is Prolix

“The Past is Prolix” is episode fourteen of season five of Andromeda.

Trance’s sun has appeared through the Route of Ages in the Seefra system. Harper has found that the Vedrans had set up a braking mechanism for it; unfortunately, it seems to be broken. Consequently, every planet but Seefra 1 is going to be destroyed.

Her sun’s arrival threatens Trance too, so a solution has to be found that will save everyone.

As an added complication, Sembler, the former, presumed dead, owner of Harper’s bar, has returned and wants his bar back to pay a debt. He had faked his own death to throw someone off his track, but this had failed to work.

Orlund, who was met in “What Will Be Was Not”, makes an appearance.

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