Andromeda – Moonlight Becomes You

“Moonlight Becomes You” is episode thirteen of season five of Andromeda.

Harper has found an entrance to some sort of mythical Vedran treasure and has gone there with Beka, Doyle and Rhade. When trying to open the door, Rhade and Beka get in, but Doyle and Harper are stuck outside. Inside, there is some type of test, plus Rhade is still having trouble coping with the fact that in the previous episode, “Pride Before the Fall”, Drago Museveni had chosen Beka to be the co-progenitor of the Nietzschean race. That was probably a bit of a shock.

Trance is trying to get better and accidentally transports herself to Seefra 2, where she meets a man described as a ‘sun god’ although he mostly seems like a showman. But he seems to be someone that she once knew.


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