Warehouse 13 – Lost & Found

“Lost & Found” is episode eighteen of season four of Warehouse 13.

In the previous episode, “What Matters Most”, Claudia and Artie had brought back a teenage runaway who had been affected by an artefact to the bed & breakfast, one whom Claudia had quite a bit in common with. Perhaps too much in common – in “The Sky’s the Limit”, Charlotte Dupres had sent Claudia’s photo to someone, saying that she was the target, and the runaway, Nick, sent a text message saying that he was in and that they believed his story.

Myka had also got some bad news, with a doctor saying that she could be suffering from ovarian cancer. This episode opens with Myka looking at details on ovarian cancer outside the B&B. It’s the middle of the night and Pete comes down for a sandwich. She thinks about telling Pete (who realises that something is wrong), but doesn’t. Which happens again in the episode.

Claudia and Nick sneak in to get Pete’s sandwich, but he already has it, then Artie arrives, saying they have a ping. So he gets rid of Nick, and Artie isn’t happy that Claudia hasn’t found him anywhere else to live yet, other than in a B&B connected to a really secret place.

Artie has been waiting for this ping for years, so he wants to get it now. It’s the treasure of Roaring Dan Seavey, a pirate who stole a collection of artefacts from Warehouse 12. So Artie wants to steal them back. When Warehouse 13 was being stocked, a Royal Navy ship, the HMS Avalon, which transporting some of the artefacts was attacked by pirates, and Roaring Dan disappeared afterwards. Artie has one half of a puzzle box created by Roaring Dan, which Artie ‘borrowed’ from the Smithsonian. The lead is the other half of the puzzle box. It’s owned by a black market dealer who has finally agreed to sell it, in five hours Buffalo in upstate New York. Bit of a rush then.

Jinks is not happy about Nick, because he hasn’t said anything honest from him in the three days he’s been there, so he wants Claudia to be more careful. Nick is meeting with Charlotte Dupres – and he calls her mother. Looks like he’s her son. Nick also overheard the conversation, and confronts Jinks and tells him the truth. Perhaps a bit more truthful in some ways than it might seem – he may be being completely honest when he mentions five hundred years. Nick starts spreading dissension as well and there are other problems at the Warehouse.

Artie, Pete and Myka head to Buffalo and end up meeting with Charlotte, who actually has the other half of the puzzle box. She wants Dan Seavey’s long-lost treasure, and she needs both halves of the puzzle box to find it. She’s willing to split the treasure 50-50 (Charlotte is likely a lot older than the others realise, so she’s probably not as ignorant about artefacts as she is making them believe). So Artie says they have to partner with her. For now. So they go on a treasure chase, but Charlotte betrays them first, and they have to play catch-up. There are other problems as well.

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