Warehouse 13 – What Matters Most

“What Matters Most” is episode seventeen of season four of Warehouse 13.

This episode opens in a gated community in Ohio. A man goes out of his house to collect his paper when his veins start turning black, he complains he’s burning up and then collapses. He’s dead.

The dead man had been poisoned but he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything in eight hours and there were no trackmarks. He’d also died from quite a few different things. This is a bit unusual. So Pete and Myka are heading to Ohio. Pete has just had his annual physical, and is now feeling a bit down as a result.

The dead man was a DA who had sent quite a few men to death row. Various chemicals were found in his blood, all of which are used in lethal injections. Coincidence? The next thing that happens is that a young man and an older woman get stuck together. As in literally; they look like Siamese twins. They shouldn’t have been touching in the first place. The husband of the woman had a connection with the dead DA. Who fired him. The effects are completely different, and artefacts don’t normally have completely different effects. The next effect is also completely different too.

Jinks and Claudia are supposed to be heading for New York City, but Jinks volunteers to stay and do some maintenance at the Warehouse instead, along with Abigail – for some reason – so Artie accompanies her instead. In New York, a fifteen year old boy had gone into a fugue state and created some graffiti. Which wouldn’t be that unusual, except what he ‘doodled’ was some very advanced maths, physics and computer code. The boy is homeless and his life has a few similarities to Claudia’s when she was younger. Not that she’s exactly old. The boy is getting visions and, according to Artie, they will eventually kill him.

It turns out that Steve wanted to talk to Abigail about his life, wanting some advice, as the last of his stuff from his mother’s had just arrived and he’s feeling a little uncertain about things. The talk helps them both.

Finally, there’s some more on the plot thread connected to the Count of St Germain and his wife.

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