Warehouse 13 – The Sky’s the Limit

“The Sky’s the Limit” is episode fourteen of season four of Warehouse 13.

At the end of the previous episode, “The Big Snag”, Jinks had been talking to Mr Kosan about Artie. Jinks had been asked to keep an eye on Artie, and was concerned by his actions on their field mission. Such as jumping in front of a moving car, one that had Claudia in the boot. Okay, the car passed through him, thanks to an artefact, but Artie didn’t know that when he did it. Mr Kosan said that the Regents had decided to act about Artie, which worried Jinks.

It opens with Artie talking to a fern, asking it not to die. It’s one of Leena’s. Claudia and Jinks enter; two jockeys fell into comas after winning their races at Watford. Near London. The bodies of the jockeys had been completely drained of adrenalin. No one had bet on them either, and these were unusual wins. Artie is staying behind because Mrs Frederic wants to talk to him about a Regent issue. Jinks does not seem to like horses.

Pete and Myka are supposed to be shelving inventory, but Pete is using an artefact to visit a tropical paradise instead. Artie is not happy about that. When Pete says it’s been a rough year, Artie agrees and suggests a weekend in Vegas. One with strings attached though; a body just fell onto a buggy on a golf course. The body was already dead from altitude exposure, but there were no planes overhead at the time. And the body was glowing orange. The deceased was staying in Vegas, in a room filled with very hung over men. Who don’t remember much about the previous night. Due to being very, very drunk. The dead man had been talking about floating prior to his death. Then casino chips start falling out of the sky. Which makes everyone very excited. Until a body follows them. There is a magician performing at the hotel both victims were at. Both victims were given tickets. This seems an obvious source of the problem. Especially as the magician is able to make people float. Too obvious? Maybe, maybe not.

The Regent matter Mrs Frederic was talking about is a new owner of the bed & breakfast, Abigail Chow. Who is also a psychotherapist. The Regents want her to help Artie deal with his grief. Artie is not happy when he realises. Abigail is not totally happy with the situation either.

Charlotte Dupres, the ex of the Count of St. Germain who was last seen in “The Living and the Dead”, is spying on the Warehouse.

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