The 100 – The Chosen

“The Chosen” is episode twelve of season four of The 100.

In the previous episode, “The Other Side”, Bellamy opened up the bunker to Octavia and the Grounders (because Clarke was unable to kill him) and let them in. That now means that the Arkadians will have to choose which 100 (back to a hundred again) people will be allowed to stay inside. Jaha did not seem happy about three-quarters of their people dying; Octavia pointed out that all the other tribes had to pick who lived as well.

Back in Arkadia, Jasper and most of the others who stayed behind had overdosed on drugs, with him dying in Monty’s arms. The exceptions were Monty, of course and Harper, who had chosen Monty rather than death, so they are heading to Polis in the rover. In the lab on Alie’s island, Raven had also managed to cure herself of what was going to kill her – with a little help from an imaginary Sinclair. None of them know that the bunker may not be able to take them.

This episode opens inside the bunker with the other clans apparently forcing Skaikru out of their rooms in the bunker. Jaha is definitely not happy that three quarters of them are going to die in the next day and he definitely doesn’t believe that Bellamy made the right choice in opening up the bunker.

Abby is on the radio with Raven. They are going to send a team to get Raven, because her skills are needed. Raven tells Abby that she’s cured and that Abby can be too using the same procedure. Which Kane hears too; he doesn’t know that Abby has a similar, if milder at the moment, problem. Abby and the others now have to decide which people other than the essential personnel and children get to survive. Jaha is really not happy that they are going to be killing 364 of their own. He wants to fight the Grounders but Kane says that will not work, so they should have a lottery. Jaha says that will not work now, even though it was his idea, because all of their people had, until a few minutes previously, thought that they were going to survive. So they may well fight. Jaha’s attitude certainly suggests that he isn’t willing to accept the result. Some of them certainly think they should get more spaces, because they will be running the bunker, as the Grounders don’t know how. Octavia certainly doesn’t have much patience with their objections – despite Jaha’s protests, she tells them to choose who will survive or all of Skaikru will die. Octavia is hiding just how scared she is from most though.

Bellamy volunteers to go to the island to get Raven and Clarke says that she will accompany him. Both will also have a space when they get back. The two have a sometimes peculiar relationship, which they get to discuss on the trip. It will take about 20 hours to get to the island and back, if the trip goes smoothly, and the death wave comes in 23. Murphy and Emori also volunteer to help – in the hope that it will better their chances of getting a place in the bunker. It looks better for Murphy than Emori and, given that the two are definitely survivors, they may have other plans. Bellamy certainly thinks so – and indeed Murphy does. He and Emori are going to use the bunker on the island, even though it lacks the supplies for five years, because that’s the only chance they have to survive. They will survive the death wave though. Naturally, the journey does not go smoothly, but help comes from an unexpected source – one that expects some quid pro quo though. Clarke isn’t the only one who is troubled over the things that she has done; her mother is too.

Things are building up to the season finale, “Praimfaya” – and Clarke has a plan.

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