The 100 – The Other Side

“The Other Side” is episode eleven of season four of The 100.

In the previous episode, “Die All, Die Merrily”, Octavia had been the winner of the battle between the various clan champions in Polis. Which was not actually a great surprise. Roan had teamed up with her so that they could both go against Luna, but black rain had forced Octavia inside and Luna killed Roan. Then Octavia herself tricked and killed Luna.

This meant that her clan – Skaikru – would get the bunker. Octavia, though, said that it would be shared equally between the clans. This was also not a great surprise; it seemed likely that this would be suggested.

However, the Arkadians had already taken control of the bunker and locked everyone else outside. Bellamy had been rendered unconscious and brought in by Jaha but both Kane and Octavia were left outside. Clarke had decided that if only one clan was going to survive, then it might as well be them.

This episode opens in the bunker with Bellamy saying that there were only four warriors left, and that Octavia had a chance of winning (of course they don’t know yet that she did win) but Clarke said that one of those four warriors was Luna – and if Luna won, no-one would survive. Then Abby enters and asks who won and where Kane is. The answer to the first is that they don’t know; according to Jaha they also sent people for Kane and Octavia as well as Bellamy but didn’t manage to get to them in time.

Abby still wants to try and contact Kane aboveground – where the radiation levels are already reaching critical. Clarke says to let her, at which point they discover that Octavia is still alive. And that she won. And that she decided to share the bunker with every clan. She says they have limited time before the other clans realise that Skaikru has taken the bunker – Gaia has managed to keep it secret for now. Jaha isn’t going to let them open the door again though and sets guards on Bellamy.

Clarke is troubled by what they have done. She says that yesterday they were right, today they are wrong. Jaha is happy with the choice; Abby and Clarke, not so much. Jaha says that someone needs to watch Bellamy so that he doesn’t get out, as Bellamy still has friends in the Guard, so Clarke gets Murphy (Emori was really surprised when the others came back for them, but they are now both in the bunker) to do this. Murphy says he is willing to do it, as long as he is inside. Bellamy is really not happy.

Outside, Indra says that they need to find another way in, before the black rain stops and the other clans discover what Skaikru has done. Echo discovers what is going on and makes threats, but Octavia knows that Echo cheated during the conclave and that Roan exiled her. Under the rules, all of Ice Nation should therefore perish, but Octavia will not do that. If Echo cooperates.

In the lab on Alie’s island, Raven is still working on the rocket. She still needs something to protect her during her final spacewalk though. She’s still talking to herself (or the Becca she sees) but she thinks that someone else is in the lab. Whilst she is having a seizure, she is approached by Sinclair, who died back in “Demons”. So, Raven now seems to be seeing two figments of her imagination. They are also fighting over Raven – Sinclair wants Raven to live, not die, and the Becca figment is cooperating far too easily with Raven’s death.

Back at Arkadia, Monty is trying to convince Harper and Jasper to leave for the bunker. Monty is wearing a suit and the others are being affected by radiation. He has made two more suits but more can fit in the rover. Monty had stayed back in “DNR” to try and convince them to leave. Monty is going to leave anyway, but Jasper has got a serious death fetish. When one of those who remained behind overdoses on the drugs that Jasper brought, he gets the idea that they can all overdose and go peacefully before the death wave arrives. Monty doesn’t know that they won’t be able to get into the bunker at the moment anyway.

Things have definitely got the potential to turn really nasty. There doesn’t seem to be a good answer; whatever is done, it looks like people will die.

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