The 100 – DNR

“DNR” is episode nine of season four of The 100.

In the previous episode, “God Complex”, Jaha had followed new leads to the bunker that the doomsday cult Second Dawn had supposedly built, the attempt to look for it in “The Four Horsemen” having discovered a bunker that was useless. It seems the Flamekeepers knew a saying of the Second Dawn so, following that lead, Jaha, Kane and Monty went to Polis. Indra agreed to let them see her daughter, but she also killed a bunch of Ice Nation who were guarding the temple where the entrance was supposed to be, which caused a new bunch of problems. They did, however, find the entrance to a working fallout shelter. Indra will not share the bunker with Ice Nation though.

On Alie’s island, Abby was going to do a new, potentially fatal, test of the Luna’s bone marrow on Emori. Only she couldn’t, so Clarke took the needle herself. Then Clarke decided to use the needle on herself instead, but Abby destroyed the radiation chamber before Clarke could enter it to test the cure, because Abby had a vision of a Clarke who was dying of radiation sickness at the end of “The Tinder Box”. It may not have been a pure hallucination either; because neither she nor Raven were separated from Alie by the kill switch, they have gained extra knowledge.

This episode opens in the lab. Raven, Murphy and Emori are scavenging technology from the lab. Murphy seems a lot happier, but Emori is not feeling that trusting. Hardly a surprise really; she was going to be the unwilling guinea pig in a potentially fatal experiment. They seem to be packing supplies for the bunker in Polis. Raven hears what sounds like the rocket in the lab getting ready to launch, but the others don’t. Raven manages to get them out of the lab, claiming that she is okay. Raven opens up the capsule and sees Becca inside. Becca says why should Raven live in a hole in the ground when she has a perfectly good rocket. Then Raven starts bleeding from the nose and having another seizure. Becca says that Raven will die, due to the damage being done to her brain, so she may as well die in space, than die on Earth, unable to do anything.

Octavia and Ilian are back on Ilian’s farm. She is attacking the ground to plant crops. Then someone arrives and tells Ilian that Trikru are calling on their allies to help drive Ice Nation out of Polis. Ilian refuses to help. He sees no point in fighting as the world ends. Octavia thinks dying in battle is better than being killed by the radiation. Ilian is more accepting of their fate. Considering how the pair started out, they are getting along a lot better.

Jaha is in Arkadia telling everyone about the shelter they have found. Everyone is moving out of Arkadia at first light to get to the bunker. Not everyone, which includes Jasper, is willing to follow Jaha again. Some, such as Harper, are also tired of the constant, apparently never-ending struggle, and they plan to party the rest of their lives away.

Abby tells Clarke that Indra was there when the bunker was discovered, and that Trikru would rather go to war than allow Ice Nation access. Clarke says that Roan is her friend and their ally (albeit perhaps a fickle one to a degree) Roan is now apparently not their ally, and he is going to be handed over to Trikru. This does not go well. Clarke warns Roan that it’s a trap, but Echo is already there with Ice Nation and takes the Arkadians prisoner.

The rest of Skikru is kept prisoner but Roan wants to see Clarke. Echo found Trikru’s surrendering of the tower in order to take the temple Polis suspicious. So she set spies to find out what was going on. Roan is grateful that Clarke tried to warn him, but he’s not so happy about the others’ betrayal. Clarke says that war is not the only option; with Ice Nation surrounding the temple, anyone who wants to survive will need to talk.

Clarke wants Kane free so that he can be at the meeting. Roan is not feeling that forgiving and he frankly thinks that if anyone can get mortal enemies to ,live together, it’s Clarke. It’s now only six days until the radiation arrives. The meeting is tense to say the least and things start going downhill rapidly. Without a Commander, there is no-one to lead the clans. There does seem to be a potential solution though, one that can be seen coming, but one that will bring a whole new set of problems.

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