Farscape – The Locket

“The Locket” is episode sixteen of season two of Farscape.

Moya is hiding in a cloudy area of space from the Peacekeepers, and Aeryn has been gone for only a day. When she returns, she is a lot older (165 cycles) and says that she has grandchildren on the planet below. Crichton doesn’t believe her, but Zhaan says that she is that old and has aged in only a day. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the mist that could have caused her to age, and the planet is almost uninhabitable.

Stark, who was last seen in “The Hidden Memory”, has returned with news of D’Argo’s son.

The others need to find some sort of way to get Aeryn young again, but the ageing isn’t caused by anything other than time. Something that doesn’t tend to be curable.

As always, using make-up to try and make a person appear older is really not very convincing. Perhaps they should simply start with an older person and try a few smaller changes to make them appear like the individual they are trying to make appear older.

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