Farscape – The Ugly Truth

“The Ugly Truth” is episode seventeen of season two of Farscape.

Crais contacts Moya and arranges a meeting. Crais wants Moya’s son, Talyn, the gunship he created, disarmed as he is becoming very aggressive. All that effort to create an armed Leviathan only for it to prove far too dangerous. A Plokavian ship approaches Moya and Talyn, and Talyn immediately destroys it – then starbursts out as a second vessel approaches. Talyn escapes, Zhaan, D’Argo, Stark, Aeryn and Crichton leave and a transport pod, but everyone is knocked unconscious and captured.

The crew are held responsible for Talyn’s attack but, when Talyn attacked, he was under manual control, and Crais did not fire. Or so it is claimed.

The same scene is replayed over and over from different viewpoints, but are any of them correct?

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