The 100 – The Tinder Box

“The Tinder Box” is episode five of season four of The 100.

In the previous episode, “A Lie Guarded”, after Monty and Jasper found the list that Raven had demanded Clarke make, Monty told the rest of the camp that the Ark would only take 100 of them, not all of them, which made things get a little bit tense. Jaha defused the situation by stating that a raffle would be held to choose those who would survive, if no alternative was found – although he gave the impression to Clarke that this was simply to keep people focused and on track, not a genuine promise.

Roan had declared war on Skaikru and Trikru, slaughtering all those that could be found in Polis, with the intention of attacking Arkadia as well, as the ship will provide shelter from the oncoming radiation storm. Octavia fled to give warning but ended up falling off a cliff into a river after having a blade stuck in her. Bellamy was told that his sister was dead, but she’s pretty hard to kill and had survived.

Abby’s expedition has found the lab on Alie’s island and this episode opens at the lab. Nightblood is designed to not only allow those possessing it to interface with A.L.I.E. 2.0 but also be protected from radiation. The problem is how do they do the same thing. Abby is struggling but Raven looks like she’s on a different path. She also gets a headache and then suddenly starts floating in the lab. Except she isn’t actually floating but suffering from some sort of attack – her floating was an out of body experience if you will. She’s also bleeding from her mouth. Whatever is happening to Raven – and Abby is trying to find out what it is – is giving her incredible insights. However, to continue the experiments with Nightblood, they will need to get back into space.

A rather badly wounded Octavia is struggling to get back to Arkadia on her horse but falls of it. A Grounder comes over as she loses consciousness. At Arkadia supplies are being stockpiled but not enough when the Grounder – Ilian – arrives with Octavia – who is currently not breathing. Clarke, perhaps being the best trained medically, goes to work on Octavia, getting her breathing again – but why is Ilian helping? Octavia, despite being in bad shape, manages to warn Clarke about Ice Nation. Clarke tells Harper to get the guard ready whilst they try to contact Kane. Leaving Ilian alone. What will the anti-technology Ilian do inside the Ark now that he is there? Only Octavia knows that he is a threat, and she’s not conscious.

Clarke wants to go and speak Roan. Most thinks that this is a bad idea, but Monty says it’s a good one, as Ice Nation think they have surprise. By going out to meet them, Clarke will show them that this is lost. Roan is going to order his archers to fire on Wanheda, but Clarke has not come alone, and has her own people targeting Roan. So, at least they will get a chance to talk. Although Roan then threatens Bellamy and Kane. Roan is willing to talk though, as he realises that they have already walked into a trap. One of the guards – who was made a slave by Ice Nation but was rescued in “Heavy Lies the Crown” – wants to kill Roan though. If anyone opens fire, it’s going to get messy. Bellamy takes this to mean – accurately – that Octavia survived and got through. Roan tells Clarke that she needs to do what Lexa did, and rise above individual loyalties. However, many need to do that as well, or everyone will die.

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