Doctor Who – Sleep No More

“Sleep No More” is episode nine of season nine of the new Doctor Who.

This episode is constructed as a ‘found footage’ episode (even Doctor Who has jumped onto that bandwagon), and as a consequence there aren’t any credits. It’s been assembled by the last survivor of the crew on the Le Verrier space station, in orbit around Neptune in the 35th century, from footage from cameras on board the station and carried by others.

The Le Verrier station had sent out a distress call, and a rescue craft bearing four soldiers has been sent to the station, where they bump into Clara and the Doctor. Then they bump into some rather strange creatures that seem to be made from an organic sand, who presumably have killed the rest of the crew.

Rasmussen is the creator of Morpheus, a machine designed to remove the need for sleep, by compressing an entire sleep cycle into about five minutes. Which, on the face of it, sounds like a rather bad idea to begin with (and it’s even worse than that). He’s been developing a new version of the system.

Some surprises, which may not be caught until the end, and there’s a sting in the tail.

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