The 100 – A Lie Guarded

“A Lie Guarded” is episode four of season four of The 100.

In the previous episode, “The Four Horsemen”, the Flame was apparently destroyed at Ilian’s hands, but this was actually a fake. However, Octavia gave the remains of the fake to Roan, stating that it was the real thing, along with the head of one of Ilian’s followers. So Roan no longer has the Flame; it’s now in the hands of a Flamekeeper, Indra’s daughter. The bunker that Jaha found the location of proved to be utterly useless, so they are still unable to keep even all of Arkadia safe, let alone the Grounders, and time is running out faster than expected. The Grounders who accompanied Luna from the oil rig were all killed by radiation sickness – except Luna herself. She actually got better. It appears that those with Nightblood are immune to radiation poisoning. The question is how to use that to help everyone else who isn’t a Nightblood. Clarke has finally made a list of the 100 who will be given safety in the Ark; Bellamy insisted that she be on the list as well.

This episode opens with Jaha asleep, floating on something in the lake; it seems that Jasper ‘floated’ him as a prank. Clarke is feeling useless; Abby has led an expedition to Alie’s island and the lab, with Raven. Murphy, Luna and some others, to see if they can figure out Luna’s immunity to radiation. They aren’t geneticists though. Repairs on the ship are progressing well, but then rain approaches, and everyone thinks it’s black rain. Except Jasper, who stays outside. He’s not taking anything seriously. Things start getting tense in Arkadia, especially when knowledge of the list of 100 is found out.

With Alie gone, it’s thought that her island should be safe, but a drone appears and opens fire. Saying somewhere is safe is never a good idea. Nyko is killed protecting Luna from the drone, and there are more drones. Luna in the meantime disappears. Just who or what is controlling the drones though? And what are they protecting and why? Emori tells Murphy that they should go to the bunker he found in “Blood Must Have Blood: Part 2”, because there are worse things than drones on the island. It helps that the drones really aren’t that good shots; admittedly, they’re firing from a poor shooting platform.

Things in Polis are getting messy. There are rumours spreading that the Flame has been destroyed, and some are calling for Roan’s head. Kane is not too happy with how Octavia handled things. She has become a little unstable since Lincoln’s death in “Fallen”. The Grounders respect her as a dangerous person, ‘Sky Ripper’, but Kane doesn’t want Octavia on his security detail any longer. Roan wants to know how the plans to protect everyone are going. He’s captured Bellamy and another, and knows that the Arkadians are rebuilding the ship – and have a Nightblood. And that everyone becoming Nightbloods will keep them alive. With secrets being kept, Roan decides to break the alliance and declare war on Skaikru and Trikru, keeping Kane and Bellamy as hostages. If the Flame was still intact, with Arkadia having a Nightblood, he’d be even more paranoid. Of course, it is.

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