Farscape – Die Me, Dichotomy

“Die Me, Dichotomy” is episode twenty-two of season two of Farscape and the season finale.

Moya and Talyn are heading to a medical facility to cure the fire damage done to Moya whilst getting rid of the insectoid creatures. They are going to pay for the work using the majority of the loot from the previous episode, “Liars, Guns And Money: Plan B”.

Crighton is having problems himself, from the chip Scorpius put inside his brain. They may be able to fix that, too, which would help as Crichton thinks he’s Scorpius at the moment, and is trying to summon the real Scorpius. With what appear to be tragic results (however, I’ve seen The Peacekeeper Wars, so I know they aren’t as bad as they might look).

Moya’s child Talyn wants Aeryn to join him and Crais.

The story continues in season three with “Season of Death”. The episodes are much more linked together than the early ones were. Although which order the earlier ones were in depends on what source is checked, if they had been linked it could have been very confusing.

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