Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is a mini-series that finishes off the Farscape story.

Farscape was cancelled at the end of season four, which left it with a cliff-hanger ending and many story threads left unresolved. This mini-series is usually shown as more than one episode, given that it is around 3 hours long.

This episode starts with Crichton lying in a bed, looking damaged, on board a Moya that also looks damaged, whilst Aeryn speaks in the background about the fighting having stopped. Then, some Peacekeeper ships launch a pre-emptive attack on the Scarrans. It seems that Scorpius (one of the more interesting villain/heroes around) has decided to launch a pre-emptive strike on the Scarrans, starting a war between the two powers, a war that was coming anyway.

At the end of the season four finale, “Bad Timing”, Aeryn had just told Crichton that she was pregnant, and he asked her to marry him. He said yes, then they were attacked and reduced to shattered crystals. Rygel has been collecting the pieces from the ocean floor, and they are finally put back together (although Rygel accidentally winds up with the baby inside him).

The people who attacked them were Eidolons, who are a little paranoid. They have lost the ability to create peace, like their forebears did. However, some of those forebears had been released after 12,000 cycles by Jool and D’Argo, and they hadn’t lost the ability, so Moya heads to Arnessk, where Jool remained in “Prayer” (Jool is not the only old face to return), where the original Eidolons will hopefully be able to teach their descendants how to use their abilities.

Scorpius detects when John is reassembled, and heads to the Eidelon planet to find him. The Scarran Emperor also heads after him, as both still want the fabled wormhole weapons. For the Peacekeepers, a very pregnant Commandant Grayza is determined to go down fighting, but the Peacekeepers are outnumbered.

Somehow, everyone has to be convinced to stop fighting and hammer out a peace deal. Not easy, when the Scarrans are winning, and have no intention of giving up. The Eidolons may be able to help, but that is going to be difficult. Crichton may have to consider wormhole weapons after all.

With this tidying up loose ends, it is a bit more brutal to characters than series are (or, rather, used to be).

This is the second time I’ve seen this; it made a lot more sense having watched the series now.

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