Farscape – Liars, Guns And Money: Plan B

“Liars, Guns And Money: Plan B” is episode twenty-one of season two of Farscape.

In the previous episode, “Liars, Guns And Money: With Friends Like These…”, Crichton had got D’Argo’s son freed from Scorpius’ grasp – by turning himself over to Scorpius. Not a flawless plan.

The rest intend to go ahead with their original plan, only instead of using the mercenaries to save D’Argo’s son, they’ll use them to save Crichton. Unfortunately, as their money turned into insects that then started eating the ship, they no longer have any money. So, in order to pay them, they need to rob the depository – using the mercenaries. Which is a bit circular.

Crais also turns up, with Talyn.

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