Dark Angel – Love Among the Runes

“Love Among the Runes” is episode twenty of season two of Dark Angel.

In the previous episode, “She Ain’t Heavy”, White had testified before a Senate committee that transgenics actually existed, even though his boss had told him not to. That’s because White’s goals aren’t the same as those of his boss. The head of the committee is part of White’s breeding cult, though, and this is another move to increase hatred of the transgenics.

The transgenics are hiding out in Terminal City. Logan is in Joshua’s house, trying to set up Eyes Only again – difficult without his equipment or the money to replace it.

Max has strange marking appearing on her body. They appear to be Linear A, an untranslated Minoan language. Given that the breeding cult has been around for 5,000 years, this is probably connected.

Someone escapes from the cult, and there’s a connection to both Sandeman and White.

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