Dark Angel – Freak Nation

“Freak Nation” is episode twenty-one of season two of Dark Angel and the season finale, as well as being a feature length episode and the final episode of the series.

Joshua and Mole are taking a pregnant X5 and a young boy to safety in Terminal City when they get involved in a car crash. Having to flee the scene, due to the unrest against mutants, they end up at Jam Pony.

The police also turn up and surround the place. Alec and Max have to reveal that they are from Manticore, too, in order to help their friends. White’s breeding cult has also sent in a team to kill everyone. Normal comes face to face with his worst nightmare, and has to deal with it.

Logan gets involved too, as he has managed to make process deciphering the writings that started appearing on Max’s body in “Love Among the Runes”.

The story in this episode is fortunately wrapped up, without a true cliffhanger ending, but there are still many incomplete story arcs regarding the Manticore escapees and the breeding cult. These are continued in novels.

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