Dark Angel – Hello, Goodbye

“Hello, Goodbye” is episode seventeen of season two of Dark Angel.

Max accidentally infects Logan with the virus. Fortunately, he is saved by a transfusion of Joshua’s blood – Alec was going to do it, but didn’t arrive – but Max decides she’s no longer going to put his life at risk.

Joshua meets a woman who’s blind, so she doesn’t see what he looks like (and isn’t scared of him as a result). Alec had been arrested by the police, which was why he didn’t arrive to help save Logan’s life. The arrest was not, as Max assumed, for something he did, but what his genetically identical clone Ben did in “Pollo Loco”. Of course, as they are identical, Alec can hardly convince the police it wasn’t him without revealing he’s from Manticore.

White and his group are concerned about how both Max and the other Manticore escapee he captured in “Exposure” both survived their virus.

An episode which doesn’t really have a story.

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