Dark Angel – Pollo Loco

“Pollo Loco” is episode eighteen of season one of Dark Angel.

A body turns up in the morgue with a barcode tattoo on the back of his neck. The tattoo is one of the X5s who escaped with Max back in 2009.

Max goes to the morgue to take a look at the corpse. It’s pretty obvious that it’s not her fellow X5; for one thing, the tattoo is a very recent addition to the body – only just prior to death in fact. For some reason, Max doesn’t tell Logan about that initially. Whilst Max is at the morgue, Lydecker shows up and takes the body away.

When a second body turns up, Logan asks which one was the X5, Ben. Neither of them were. It seems that one of the X5s has turned into a serial killer. And one who’s gone more than a little crazy, too.

With Max being uncommunicative about Ben, Logan turns to Lydecker for help.

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