Dark Angel – Dawg Day Afternoon

“Dawg Day Afternoon” is episode eighteen of season two of Dark Angel.

This episode sort of continues the previous one, “Hello, Goodbye”, which was sort of lacking in a story. Following White’s exposure of one of the transgenics from Manticore, there is now a public outcry. When Joshua is spotted with Annie, the blind girl he met in the previous episode, and forced into the sewers, with her, White drops a tip to the police, so that it can’t be covered up quietly.

White’s people loathe the transgenics; they see them as a threat to their own breeding programme. Consequently, they want to raise public feelings against them, which is why White is exposing them to the public. Especially the X5s, who they consider to be the biggest threat.

Max has to go down into the sewers after Joshua to try and help him escape from the police hunt.

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