Warehouse 13 – We All Fall Down

“We All Fall Down” is episode ten of season four of Warehouse 13 and the mid season finale.

In the previous episode, “The Ones You Love”, Mrs Frederic and Jinks had travelled to the Vatican and discovered that the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond had been trapped inside a painting for several months. The entire Brotherhood – including Brother Adrian. Which meant that he had clearly not been attacking the Warehouse.

The actual attacks had been carried out by Artie, although he didn’t seem to realise it. Magellan’s astrolabe had affected him in some way – presumably the formidable evil Brother Adrian warned him about. Leena was in the Warehouse as he worked out that there was something wrong but, instead of leaving as Mrs Frederic told her to, she stayed to help Artie. When he looked at her, it seemed that Leena thought it was someone else in Artie’s body. Then he shot her. The episode ended with Leena on the floor, appearing to be dead.

This episode opens with Pete and Myka arriving at the Warehouse. Pete is having a really bad vibe about things. According to the security system, Artie is in the Dark Vault and Leena the Bronze Sector. Pete goes to the Dark Vault and discovers that the place has been trashed. Lots of really, really dangerous artefacts are now no longer contained. Not good. Artie had gone to where he stored the astrolabe, not knowing that Mrs Frederic had removed it in “Second Chance” and told HG to keep it safe. In the Bronze Sector, Myka has found Leena, and she is dead. Everyone is pretty upset.

According to Brother Adrian, when Robespierre used the astrolabe to turn public opinion against the king, it changed him too, turning him away from what he believed in. Leading to the Reign of Terror. Which was bad. Claudia says that Artie can’t be evil, just whammied by an artefact. So they need to find Evil Artie, who knows everything about them and how they operate. Also bad. Brother Adrian is helping Mrs Frederic and Jinks research the astrolabe at the Brotherhood’s secret library. This Brother Adrian is a far nicer person. Even he doesn’t know much about the artefact, even though it was in his care.

The Artie turns up. He knows that he’s being affected in some way and says that he needs the astrolabe to reverse the effect. He’s insisting that they give him the astrolabe, but he’s not actually there. He’s a hologram. It looks like this is Evil Artie. Evil Artie says that he isn’t Artie. Evil Artie is still in the Warehouse and he’s causing problems. He’s also an Evil Twin, but in the same body as Artie. Evil Artie is planning something really nasty so that they will have no choice but to hand over Magellan’s astrolabe. Not that they know where it is. And if they do give Evil Artie the astrolabe, the situation will still be very bad. There currently seem to be no good options (the title is from a nursery rhyme that has a far darker origin than most realise).

Pete is seeing Leena, even though she’s dead. So he investigates. It seems that Leena is still trying to help.

A bit of a cliffhanger ending leading into the next episode, “The Living and the Dead”.

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