Warehouse 13 – Second Chance

“Second Chance” is episode eight of season four of Warehouse 13.

In the previous episode, “Endless Wonder”, H.G. Wells returned to speak to Artie. It seems that Artie had tasked her in “Personal Effects” with recovering the dagger that he had seen Claudia using to kill him. Before Brother Adrian died in “A New Hope”, he had said that Artie couldn’t tell anyone about what he had done, or they would be in grave danger. Unfortunately, HG – being somewhat of an expert on time travel – has figured out for herself that Artie had used tome travel to fix things. Moreover, she had worked out that it was done using Magellan’s astrolabe. And she’s told Mrs Frederic too. Brother Adrian told Artie that’s he’s devoted his life to fighting evil, and is willing to do anything to stop it. ‘Anything’ includes some pretty evil actions.

This episode opens in the warehouse with Myka and Pete quizzing Artie about what Brother Adrian wants. Artie is still not willing to share (in order to protect everyone). So he tells them about a ping they have just received – a man who has been checked into hospital in Dalton, West Virginia sounds to be rusting. People do not normally rust. No sooner have Myka and Pete left than Claudia and Jinks arrive – asking Artie about just what Brother Adrian wants. So Artie distracts them by getting them to look more into taking Steve off the metronome. The original owner had apparently managed to get himself off the metronome. He went insane first though. So Claudia and Jinks head to New Jersey, where Jinks is from. Just after getting rid of them, Mrs Frederic turns up. Asking about Brother Adrian. HG and Leena are with her too. Mrs Frederic knew that someone had tampered with time, so he finally caves in and tells them just what happened.

In Dalton, the rusting man works at a steel mill. The only person he’s been having problems with is the mill’s owner. All the workers are upset with the mill owner, who claims to be bankrupt and wants to close the plant. Then another man gets sick the same way, and he, like the first one, had been in a fight with the owner. Which is suspicious. Although it’s a bit early for accurate suspicions – even though all the workers think the owner is responsible. Then a third victim turns up – and she has no connection to the mill. The connection is something different.

In New Jersey, Jinks and Claudia have gone to his family home. There are clearly some tensions there, even though his mother clearly loves him. Initial experiments with the metronome really don’t work. So Claudia asks questions of Jinks’ mother. Which helps give them a clue what to do.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie is made to come clean about just what happened and why Brother Adrian is after him. Mrs Frederic doesn’t believe that Claudia will kill him.

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