Warehouse 13 – Endless Wonder

“Endless Wonder” is episode seven of season four of Warehouse 13.

In the previous episode, “Fractures”, it turned out that the Brotherhood had pointed Alice Liddell at Dr Vanessa, with the intention that she kill Vanessa in order to hurt Artie. With them also having sent Hugo a bag of marbles stolen from the Warehouse in “There’s Always a Downside”, Artie has decided to break things off with Vanessa in order to protect her. Artie also launched into a diatribe against the, not actually present, Brother Adrian in the Dark Vault. A diatribe which Leena overheard. Jinks has also finally revealed to Claudia that they are linked by the metronome keeping him alive as well.

This episode with Artie and Myka in someone’s house. Pete is playing with some toy robots. The owner of said robots has grown a couple of inches. He has a whole host of problems – and says that he doesn’t need joint pains on top of that. Myka and Pete think that Artie is trying to keep them out of the way, when they realise that the man is actually taller. He’s only the first – there are others as well. Then an affected woman ends up in extreme pain in front of them. Well, Alice Liddell has already appeared – so it can’t be an ‘Eat Me’ cake. Two of the suggested artefacts they already have tagged and the third Artie says is a fairy tale.

The various victims are all taking heartburn medication. A woman at the drug company wants to investigate, but her boss wants to keep plausible deniability. Until she mentions all the various ways a drug that a drug that makes people taller could be used to make money. The sufferers are starting to visibly grow as well as their bodies start pulling themselves apart. Eventually it will kill them. Clearly, there are some downsides. Given that those affected are all in the same town, it can’t simply be the medicine. The woman from the drug company wants to work with Pete and Myka. There may be a connection with the drug, but only a few of the people taking it are being affected.

At the Warehouse, Artie is messing with the artefact removal detection system (which is clearly not working correctly), and Jinks and Claudia want to know what he is doing. Artie says it’s to protect them, but they both say they don’t need protection and Artie should ask for help. Claudia has already dug into the black diamonds, and has found out about the Brotherhood of the Black Diamond. Artie can’t tell them everything, due to the warning that Brother Adrian gave him before the latter died in “A New Hope” about anyone he told being in grave danger (with the clock wind back, Brother Adrian also got over being dead) but Claudia and Jinks can still help.

‘Endless Wonder’ is also the phrase that Mrs Frederic like using when she recruits new agents.

H.G. Wells makes her first appearance since “A New Hope”.

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