Helix – Pilot

“Pilot” is episode one of season one of Helix. This is sometimes combined with the second episode, “Vector”, as a feature length episode, as it was in this case, rather than being shown in two parts.

The (unimaginatively named pilot) episode starts two days prior to the current day with some sort of research facility in the Arctic with two dead people, and a couple of people dressed in biohazard suits who seem to be experimenting, before going to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control) in Atlanta.

The Arctic base reports a disease outbreak and Dr. Alan Farragut of the CDC is taken with a team from the CDC – including his ex-wife – and the military to the base, as his brother has been infected, with a disease that makes his blood black and that has dissolved the flesh of the other two victims. The lead scientist is definitely covering something up, and he isn’t the only person with a secret. This may be some sort of super-soldier attempt.

The base looks rather like a model when seen from the exterior. Admittedly, that’s undoubtedly what it is, but it shouldn’t look like one. Some of the animal effects are a bit dodgy too.

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