Warehouse 13 – Fractures

“Fractures” is episode six of season four of Warehouse 13.

In the previous episode, “No Pain No Gain”, Artie and Jinks had managed to track down most of the artefacts originally bagged and tagged by Artie that had been stolen from the Warehouse somehow by the Brotherhood. However, it looked like some had already been shipped. In the process, Jinks revealed to Artie that he was linked by the metronome to Claudia, and when he got hurt she suffered the pain. Artie told him that they needed an alternative to the metronome, and that there was always a way. Claudia herself had been taken on a little trip by Mrs Frederic, and discovered that she was able to sense when an artefact was going to be created.

At the Warehouse, Jinks is researching ways to come off the metronome so that he won’t be linked to Claudia. Artie suggests that he ask Claudia herself for help, but Jinks says that if he does so, she will try and stop him, as it’s pretty dangerous. And Artie agrees, saying that Claudia will probably find some way of blaming him. Jinks isn’t sleeping either.

Artie himself is going to see Dr Vanessa – which everyone else finds an enormous source of amusement. Pete and Myka were sent on a mission by Artie – to find him a gift. Artie points out that everyone, except him, is single. He’s also considering asking Dr Vanessa to move in with him. But where? Neither the Warehouse nor Univille are brilliant places to live.

In Rapid City, South Dakota at a church thrift shop (charity shop), the priest says that a woman is looking for some items, and the woman, Christine, who works at the shop says that someone has just donated a mirror. It has come with an old camera bearing a message saying ‘Click Me.’ So she does. The camera flashes and a young girl appears in the mirror, asking for help. Said woman reaches out, Christine takes her hand – and Alice Liddell is out again, for this is Lewis Carroll’s mirror, from “Duped”.

Alice flirts with the father, asks him for the location of L’étoile, than stabs him and steals the church’s van. Alice does not appear to be a competent driver – after all, when would she really have had a chance to learn? – and gets hit by a lorry.

Pete and Myka arrive at the hospital where Alice is being treated. Not that they know it’s Alice at this point – but she recognises them. Which makes it look as if Christine has acquired telepathic powers. So they go to the charity shop where they find the mirror, broken – and at that point they recognise it. Heading back to the hospital, they discover Alice has escaped. When they find Christine again, she is back to normal – Alice has a shard of the mirror and is body-swapping. Which means she could be anyone. Previously, Alice has wanted to escape, permanently, but this time it seems she has something else on her mind. It looks like Artie’s date with Dr Vanessa is going to get interrupted.

At the Warehouse, Claudia is poking around trying to find what’s wrong with Jinks. It’s pretty likely that their connection is going to come out. Lewis Carroll’s mirror was being kept in the Dark Vault, but all that’s there now is one of Brother Adrian’s black diamonds. Which Jinks recognises, having found a number with Artie. Although it seems that Artie has neglected to tell Claudia, or anyone else, about the thefts. It seems unlikely that Artie is going to keep secret his changing of history in “A New Hope” for much longer. Meanwhile, they need to find a new way of stopping Alice.

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