Warehouse 13 – The Ones You Love

“The Ones You Love” is episode nine of season four of Warehouse 13.

In the previous episode, “Second Chance”, Artie had been forced to come clean about rewinding time in “A New Hope” to Mrs Frederic, Leena and HG. Mrs Frederic said that perhaps Brother Adrian was the evil that was going to haunt Artie. After all, he’s done some evil things. She said that the vision of Claudia killing Artie could have been implanted. Leena had seen where Artie hid Magellan’s astrolabe in “Fractures”, so Mrs Frederic has recovered it and given it to HG to keep safe. More promisingly, Jinks is now free of the metronome – which makes Claudia safer – and reconciled with his mother too.

This episode opens with Artie in the Warehouse checking things when Brother Adrian surprises him. Despite his previous means of entry being taken away in “Endless Wonder”, Brother Adrian has found another artefact to use to gain entry. And he starts messing with the artefacts, causing problems. During their… ‘discussion’, Artie realises that Brother Adrian can’t let Artie die, or kill him, as he needs him alive to use the astrolabe again. The Brother says that he can always kill Artie’s friends. He whispers a plan to Artie and then leaves. Brother Adrian said that he was going to punish everyone, and that they wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Artie is having to be more open now (although he hasn’t revealed – yet – to Myka, Pete and Claudia that he changed time). Claudia has detected three more artefacts that have been dispatched, to Yuma, Arizona and Colorado Springs, Colorado and Menlo Park, California. Pete’s ex-wife is in Yuma, Myka’s pregnant sister is in Colorado Springs and Claudia’s brother, Joshua, is in Menlo Park (doing super secret stuff; he was last at CERN). However, no artefacts are listed as being missing. The three leave to help their loved ones.

In Colorado Springs, Myka gets a shock – literally – when she hugs her sister. Her sister’s eyes also light up. This is not normal. Myka damages some of the baby things whilst looking for an artefact – whilst her sister dumps drain unblocker in her tea. Whilst her eyes glow. So, definitely something off there. In Yuma, Pete’s ex, Amanda, is definitely not well. She seems to be unusually hot (no, not that way). She received a leather box in the mail, but that doesn’t appear to be the artefact. The box is empty. Then she passes out. Also not good. In Menlo Park, Joshua has also been affected. He’s covered in some translucent amber stuff (actually amber it looks like), and not moving.

They need to try and work out what’s wrong with everyone. When they don’t even know what artefacts are affecting them. Even when they work out what’s wrong, the problem is, well, fixing the problem.

Mrs Frederic and Steve are in Rome. Well, actually in the Vatican, by the looks of things. Not quite the same thing. They are being shown to a secret library that was last used four months previously, so that they can investigate the Brotherhood.

Artie has also had enough of Brother Adrian, but something else is finally revealed.

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