The X-Files – My Struggle II

“My Struggle II” is episode six of season ten of The X-Files and the season finale.

This episode opens with references to, not surprisingly, the events of “My Struggle”. Then Scully gives a quick overview of various events related to the ongoing conspiracy plot thread that ran throughout the previous seasons.

Scully arrives at the FBI to find that Mulder is not in their office. There’s a clip on Mulder’s laptop on Tad O’Malley’s show, which he was apparently watching, in which the latter states that his show has returned with new evidence showing a global threat – that everyone in America’s DNA has been tampered with, making their immune system vulnerable. O’Malley himself calls, looking for Mulder; he’s at Mulder’s house, where they were supposed to meet. When Scully arrives there, there are signs of a struggle. Mulder is not answering his phone.

Agents Miller and Einstein, from the previous episode, “Babylon”, return. Einstein accompanies Scully to the hospital, as Scully wants to run a test on her DNA. There, they see someone suffering from what turns out to be anthrax, and as the day progresses, more and more people start coming down with more and more diseases, and society starts to crumble. Scully thinks that the only hope will be the alien DNA she found in herself. Scully gets help from an unexpected source, as another face returns from the past.

Mulder himself is heading to confront Cancer Man, and it looks like he’s been in a fight. Agent Miller heads off to find Mulder, but time is running out for almost everyone.

The episode has a cliff-hanger ending with the story continuing in season eleven and “My Struggle III”.

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